» » William Higgins 20171029 - Miro Dalek, Uncredited; Miro Dalek - Massage

William Higgins 20171029 - Miro Dalek, Uncredited; Miro Dalek - Massage

Published: Levis, 03-11-2017, 12:29, Only Gays, 433, 0

William Higgins 20171029 - Miro Dalek, Uncredited; Miro Dalek - Massage

Miro Dalek is a very handsome straight guy who came in for a massage. He looks great as he strips to his underwear and lays on the bed. The masseur arrives and gets right to work on Miro's back. The oily hands glide all over the back and shoulders and then down to Miro's ass, lowering the underwear in the process.

Then that sexy ass is massaged, with the cheeks being parted to expose Miro's hot hole. As the hands work they rub over Miro's cock and balls too. Miro moves onto his knees, and the masseur reaches underneath to wank on the cock. That cock grows in his hand as the balls bounce around too.

Miro's ass feels the hands rubbing all over it, touching the hot hole too. Soon as the cock is being wanked a finger slides into Mirio's tight hole. Once the ass is used to the feeling the finger startst o fuck in and out. Then Miro turns over and lays on his back. The masseur takes hold of the cock and wanks it again. The wanking continues as Miro's dick gets very hard and shoots his creamy load all over his hot body.

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Duration: 00:21:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
File Size: 638 MB

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http://takefile.link/7aifn0evups9/_j__William_Higgins_20171029_-_Miro_Dalek__Uncredited__Miro_Dalek_-_Massage.mp4.htmlскачать dle 11.3

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