» » [Str8hell] Andrej Lasak – HOT ASS

[Str8hell] Andrej Lasak – HOT ASS

Published: Levis, 21-07-2017, 14:10, Only Gays, 825, 0

[Str8hell] Andrej Lasak – HOT ASS

Andrej Lasak looks so sexy as he lays along the sofa feeling his body. He lifts his tee shirt and then opens his jeans, reaching inside. He gropes himself as he runs a hand over his sexy body. Then he moves onto his knees, pushing his jeans down and shows off his ass. He reaches back and spreads the ass cheeks to expose his hot hole. That hole looks so inviting as he pulls on the ass cheeks. A helping hand arrives and begins to feel that sexy ass, dripping some oil onto it. The hands spread the oil over the ass and onto the tight hole. Fingers rub over the hole as well.

A finger soon slips deep inside that hole, all the way to the knuckle. The hot hole opens up well to take the fingering as it fucks him. Soon two fingers push into the hot ass hole fucking it gently, but deeply. Then they are replaced by a nice, fat, dildo that fucks Andrej's ass. The dildo really stretches the hole wide and goes in deep. It is pulled out and then shoved in again. The ass lips are sucked in and out as the dildo fucks the hot hole. Andrej turns over and raises his legs to keep that sexy ass in view. His cock is oiled and wanked as his tight hole is on show too.

A different dildo is slipped into the waiting hole and starts to fuck as his cock is wanked. That cock is big and very hard as the dildo works his hole. The first dildo comes back and is fucked in and out of the ass as Andrej's cock is building up to a cum shot. Soon the hot cum shoots out as the dildo fucks his ass. The creamy cum is milked from the cock coating it beautifully as the dildo continues to work his tight hole. Then Andrej goes off to the shower to clean up after a great video of a very hot ass and big, fat, cock.
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